Dear Customer! Welcome to my website! © All rights reserved, Anti-Aging Centrum Kft. 7500 Nagyatád , Móricz Zsigmond utca 5/B. , Hungary ...::: Epilar System :::... The Epilar System is a very simple and unique enzymatic permanent hair reduction system.  The method is based on the body’s own enzyme, the Trypsin, therefore it has no side effect, it causes no allergic reaction, and it can be used even during pregnancy. It works perfectly on tattooed skin as well; it causes no reaction with the tattoo. The cream uses the enzyme Trypsin to destroy the cells in the follicles, which are responsible for hair growth, while causing no damage to the other cells. Women and men can both use it alike! It can be applied on any kind of skin and hair, regardless the skin colour, on any part of the body. The treatment is completely painless and it only takes a few minutes, anyone can perform it easily. About the history of the cream: The product was developed 15 years ago by a group of Scandinavian doctors and biochemists. At first it was only used for medical purpose, to treat the excessive and aggressive hormonal hair growth, and they had great results. Later, when they experienced how superior the cream is, and that it is completely harmless, it shifted to the cosmetic industry as well.   In 2008, when we started the business in Hungary, it was only available for cosmeticians, but due the modification of our contract, now it is available for anyone. The product is three times cheaper, than the IPL, or the laser method, and it is thousand times gentler, it does not burn the skin, it has no harmful effect! Shortly about the treatment: It can be performed very simply; anyone can do it easily at home. Every treatment is preceded my waxing, or any other method, which removes the hair with its roots, epilation or hair tweezing are also suitable. The cream must be applied to the skin thereafter, within 15 minutes if possible, to prevent the closure of the pores. For the permanent results the treatment must be repeated 6-12 times, depending on the hair type. The hair will be reduced by average 15 - 20% per treatment, the strong hair shafts will weaken, and then finally disappear, when the treatment series is finished. On orders I always send detailed instruction manual. How many treatments can be made with 1 box? 1 box of Epilar System is enough for around 30 treatments if used only on armpit, for 20-25 on bikini line, for 8-10 if used on both lower legs. Facial usage: on moustache or eyebrows for 100, on chin for 50, on cheeks for 25 treatments. Small amount is enough for each treatment, the gel is dense, it is easy to spread and skin absorbs it very good. Advantages over the other hair removal methods: - It permanently removes the unwanted hair! - It is gentle and effective, without side effects! - The treatment takes short time, it is not unpleasant or painful! - It can be used on any skin type and any hair color! - It can be used during solarium or sun-bathing! - It is less expensive, than other permanent hair reduction methods! - It can be used during pregnancy! - It can be used on tattoo, it does not burn the skin, like the IPL! - 15 years of application history! Millions of successful treatments worldwide!